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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

MARCH MADNESS!!! As a Realtor, are you a #1 seed, or a #16 seed?

As we enter the month of March, there is always an amazing energy around the game of basketball.... and as i sat and pondered today the future brackets I would be feeling out (by the way my basketball team is UNC!...what about you!?) I realized how similar basketball and real estate really are!

 I hope you enjoy my attempt below to draw very interesting comparisons between the two.

1. Both have a leader (Head Coach, or Broker). Both of which have it great when times are good, but always get the heat when things go wrong.

2. 10 players on the same 94 x 50 foot court. ( I bet sometimes it can feel like there are even more agents in your area per square foot doesn’t it!) But the well prepared, in shape, and hard working always rise above the others.  Preparation is key to both successes.

3. There are people that go under the radar and don't always get the lime light, but it could not happen with out them. (Assistant coaches, physical trainers, weight coaches, physical therapist:  Underwriters, Loan officers, Title officers, Appraisers, etc etc) How grateful we are for them! (well, unless the
appraisal comes back low! :)   

4. The basketball is very similar to our clients, as much as we pass them around to touch and deal with all our teammates, (lenders, title companies etc), we must take extra special care of them, as not to "turn them over to our competitors.

5. And finally making a jump shot is just under pressure with the game on the line is just like closing the deal with our clients (the ball). The balls home is the hoop, and we hope to do the same by sending our clients to their new "home" as well. And unless we are able to perform and close under pressure, everything else is for not!

So as we enter the craziness of March Madness I hope you not only take a second to fill out a bracket, but also reflect on the great comparisons between real estate and basketball!

Oh, and finally, GO TAR HEELS!!! :)

Enjoy the below video! It's March Baby!! Magic is in the air!!!!

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