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Friday, May 27, 2011

2011 First Quarter Renter Vacancy Rates hit ALL TIME LOW!!! ( RENTING vs BUYING)

Surveys that were just recently done on over 4,000 rental units shows that the Vacancy Rate on Rentals has dipped below the 3%!!! (Ok Jeffrey, but what in the world does that mean for me, you may be asking..?..)

If you are an investor or even thinking about investing your money in rentals, there literally has never been a better time!!! You will more than likely have no problem finding a renter and a good one at that! And if bought at the right price (which of course all you investor savy people are!) you will have no problem cash flowing instantly!

And second, for all you RENTERS out there! Lets go back to a very simple economic lesson that may be familiar to most.... What happens the price of product when you have a large amount of people demanding that product but a low supply of that product? PRICES GO UP!!!! If you are renting , there is a VERY real possibility that you could be OWNING  a home for the price or less expensive then you are renting!!!

If you are a investor that has questions on the possiblites that are out there right now, or if you are a RENTER that literally can't take another month of your LANDLORD please give me a call and lets see if we can figure out something for you.  208-631-8775

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