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I've always been taught, "a penny saved is a penny earned", and that everyone has their own "2 cents" to add to how we ought to go through this journey we call life. Imagine if we were to save all those insightful "2 cents", imagine how "rich" our lives would become! I hope this blog will not only inspire, but allow for knowledge and growth in the Treasure Valley Real Estate Market. And PLEASE, share this blog with your friends! When we all add our "2 cents" together, their value truly has no limits!

Friday, June 3, 2011


With interest rates here in Boise below 5%, heck below even 4.5% I have had lots of clients looking at funding and getting approved, and it isn't rare to see them a handful of points away from being able to be approved, or get a better rate!

In my two years of real estate experience, the FASTEST and most EFFECTIVE way to raise your score up to 25 points in short amount of time is "  "

Most of us receive pre-approved emails in the mail all the time. The credit bureaus know that you receive these, and this does have an effect on your credit score! When you go to, you can opt out of receiving these types of mailers for up to 5 years, and it will have an immediate POSITIVE effect on your credit!!

If you or someone you know here in the Boise area needs a little help getting there scores up, please let them know about this! And then let know to give me a call as well! I have a couple other tricks that can help significantly improve your credit score!  208-631-8775.

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