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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Everything is AMAZING, and nobody is happy.....?

I remember being about 12 years old one summer and helping my mom dig a ditch on our two acre lot in Nampa, Idaho. It was the "WORST THING IN THE WORLD" at the time! :) And for those of you that don't know about the terrain of the Treasure Valley area, you can't dig much deeper than 1 or 2 feet in some areas due to hard pan, and lava rock!! But the one thing I remember even more is how good the water tasted coming out of that hose attached to the house, best water I had ever tasted!!

Yep you heard right, it wasn't filtered, or from FIJI, nor was it sparkling, but it was the reward of HARD WORK and the mere APPRECIATION of having water there to drink that made it taste so amazing!!

So many people work hard everyday across this great country, but some how we lose sight of  APPRECIATING all that we have! From the simple things to the technologically advanced complex things, we truly have so much to be appreciative of. I litearlly heard this song this morning....makes you think just how good we have it:

The future is here! The things we use, the entertainment we share, the conveniences we love, we ought to be thankful for all of them! Imagine what our great grandparents would have given to have even half of the time saving, heartache saving devises that we have today!   So here is to being the generation of APPRECITATION, and not the generation of "Spoiled idiots" like this video says below! Enjoy!

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