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Monday, August 8, 2011

Where can I watch the BOISE STATE Football Games this year? I did the research for you!

With Boise State moving to the Mountain West Conference this year, there has been a lot of confusion on which programmers will be showing the games? Will you or will you not have to run to the local sports bar to check out the games? And what will it cost extra to get the the Boise State football games?

The Mountain West has it's own television deal, so now KTVB channel 7 will not be able to broadcast the games that ESPN does not pick up this year. When calling your cable companies keep in mind the channel you are wanting to get is the "Mountain Channel"

Out of my love for my blog readers and my love for the BLUE AND ORANGE i went a head and called all the networks today and here is what I found out.

1. Direct TV -
 If you have Direct TV you have the ability to receive every single BSU game this year! I was told that the channel package that has the " Mountain Channel" is an extra $7.00 dollars per month to receive. A very small price to pay to watch excellence!

2. Dish Network
Dish does not carry the "Mountain Channel" however, the news isn't that bad over all!  Dish will only miss airing 3 of the BSU games this year. One away game against Colorado St., and two home games against Wyoming and New Mexico.  You have to upgrade your sports package to get the "Versus" channel and also the "CBS Sports Channel" in order to miss only the 3 games.  * The CBS Sports Channel IS NOT the local channel 2 station. You will need to upgrade to this channel.

3. Cable One  - 
Cable one customers will be able watch ALL BSU games this year. If you do not already have Cable One, plan on paying $75 dollars a month for the appropriate package to receive all the BSU games.

4. Bronco Vision -
 An alternative option for those that do not have a cable service is Bronco Vision. Bronco Vision usually does not have anyone announcing the game (at least I don't believe so) and is shot by their own crew. In years past they have had every regular season game. However I was not able to find a schedule for this years live events on their website. Their year package costs $79.95 and you can register for that at the following link:

I hope this info. has been helpful for all you BSU fans out there! Please share this blog and link with your friends! Well, unless they are Vandal fans! :) Just playing! Enjoy the season! And GO BIG BLUE!!! Here is a little video I just came across to get you PUMPED for the Georgia game on Sept 3rd!! Let me know if you'll be in Atlanta! I will be there for sure!!


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