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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

So, you gave her the RING.... but now.. WHAT ABOUT THE HOUSE??

Congrats to all you Boise, ID love birds that are either just getting engaged today, or are renewing your love for one another on this Valentines Day! .....BUT....

If you did just get engaged, what are you plans for once the two of you move in together?  Or maybe you already live together and will be combining your finances for the first time.... Where are you planning on starting out this new journy together?? Renting...or Buying???

I bet that RING you just bought wasn't cheap, and probably was the majority if not all of your tax return.  So now if you even wanted to think about putting a down payment down, you're going to have to wait at least 6-8 months to save up right....??????

NOPE!! There are actually quite a few options depending on your credit score and the location where you are wanting to buy, that you can actually get 100% financing (aka $0 down) and walk into a brand new home with nothing out of pocket!

But why buy just starting out? Why not!! In our local market in Boise, rental vacancies are extremely low, meaning it is hard to find something nice that is going to be pushing $1,000 dollars a month.(and that's just an apartment!)

However, with the interest rates still below 4% on 30 year fixed loans... you can easily be living in a very nice home, that is YOURS, that you are putting money away on to build equity and have a mortage closer to $800 or $850! If you don't believe me, just give me a call! 208-631-8775.

Or better yet, register on my website to start looking at homes now!

So once again, congrats on the new steps you are about to take!! And although like the oldie song by the Beatles says, " Can't buy me love"... if you are wise and don't though it away early on in your new relationship, you may just end up having more of it at the end!   Com Muito Amor Jeff

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