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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Rare extra day tomorrow..... what do you plan to do with it? MAKE IT MEMORABLE!

Being born on a leap year (turning 28 this year) I have always found an interesting significance to "February 29th".   I've always looked at it as a gift of a day. Something that only happens once every four years. Something special.... the Winter Olympics, Summer Olympics, World Cup.... also only happen once every four years. And all are things I look forward to regularly. Tomorrow will be my 6th Feb 29th. How many have you experianced?

I would like to set forth a challange to anyone that might read this. Treat tomorrow like a gift. Go out of your way to do something rare and extra ordinary. (not that you shouldn't strive to live every day like this) but really take advantage of such a truely rare opportunity we have tomorrow. I always think of the below classic song by Chicago on any Feb. 29th, because it is so true... "I've been waiting such a long time,..for today!"  :)

And please, let me know about your experiance that you do have tomorrow! Either below in a comment, or on my facebook page. :) Enjoy it! And , "DO WORK"!!!

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