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Monday, February 20, 2012

Presidents Day Quote: President Herbert Hoover on home OWNERSHIP VS. renting

On this very special day, we look back to the past and give thanks to the wonderful men that have lead this country. I found a old quote from President Herber Hoover from 1931 on home ownership in contrast to renting. The words are actually powerful, and moving even today some 81 years later:

“Next to food and clothing, the housing of a nation is its most vital problem. . . . The sentiment for home ownership is embedded in the American heart [of] millions of people who dwell in tenements, apartments and rented rows of solid brick. . . . This aspiration penetrates the heart of our national wellbeing. It makes for happier married life. It makes for better children. It makes for courage to meet the battle of life. . . . There is a wide distinction between homes and mere housing. Those immortal ballads, ‘Home, Sweet Home,’ ‘My Old Kentucky Home’ and ‘The Little Grey Home in the West’ were not written about tenements or apartments. . . . They were written about an individual abode, alive with tender associations of childhood, the family life at the fireside, the free out-of-doors, the independence, the security and the pride in possession of the family’s own home. . . . Many of our people must live under other conditions. But they never sing songs about a pile of rent receipts. . . .”

May the American dream never die of home OWNERSHIP! Please know that as a realtor I along with every other realtor are fighting in your behalf to make sure that opportunity continues and never goes away. :)

Happy Presidents Day! :)

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  1. Owning a house is always better than renting because its YOURS! I also love the way every article has a video in the end. Keep up the good work!