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Friday, February 25, 2011

Don't throw your TAX RETURN AWAY! Invest it in your NEW HOME!

BELIVE ME! I know the feeling of having that fat IRS check burn in your pocket! CARS, TV's, NEW FURNITURE, ETC ETC, so many things you could do with it! However........

NONE of those will ever give you a return on investment! (now, for all you "naysayers" I know a home is not always 100 percent on this) But I'm willing to bet on it over any of the other options any day!

RENTERS! PAY ATTENTION HERE! Most don't realize that with a traditional FHA loan (most common loan on homes) that you ONLY NEED 3.5 % down payment! And with the average american getting around $3,200 back from the IRS, (and the average 3.5% down payment for a single family home being $2,000- $5,000) AND the majority of sellers paying ALL closing cost fees, it would be very possible to get into a NEW HOME and finally kick your landlord to the curb! (Not to mention all the other tax benefits that come as being a home owner).

PLEASE, check out my friend, Terry Heffner's blog (Guild Mortage), and for more information on this!

Terry Heffner's Blog

WHY SPEND YOUR TAX RETURN ONCE!? Make that money work for you, invest! And enjoy being a Home Owner!!!

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